BLC-30 Variable Wavelength Isocratic HPLC

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The BLC-30 Series Analytical HPLC systems use a high-quality, precision monochromator based spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths from 190-800nm for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package.

The 30-series is easily upgraded to a gradient System with the PeakSimple controller & Software, optional semi-prep systems for material isolation with optional Auto-Sampler, Fraction Collector, RI Detector, & Fluorescence detector.

Easy solvent changes
Auto-prime one-button purging makes it easy to prime or purge the pump.
The digital stepper motor technology and the proven single piston design perform like the most expensive pumps at a fraction of their cost. The operating cost is lower too, due to the simplicity of the design and fewer number of parts required.
The patented low dead volume pulse damper and rapid refill make this single piston pump virtually pulse-free. It meets the requirements of the most demanding detectors.
Flow rates from 0.001 to 5 mL/min.; 0.01 to 10 mL/min.; or 0.1 to 40 mL/min. are available.  Available in either traditional 316 stainless steel or bio-compatible PEEK (polyether ether ketone) for metal sensitive applications for no additional charge. Choose the material best suited for each application.

Reduced maintenance:

Seal life is dramatically extended by actively flushing the back of the primary seal with a flushing solution. The result is less down-time and reduced operating expenses. The self-flush is automatic; just change the flushing fluid weekly. Seals can be changed in five minutes without tools.

Download the HPLC Product Brochure
 Download the BLC-30 Users Manual

BLC-30 EPA Methods & Application Notes 


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