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Cu / Co / Cr / Fe / Mn / Ni 1.5" Hollow Cathode Lamp

Cu / Co / Cr / Fe / Mn / Ni 1.5" Hollow Cathode Lamp


1.5" Multi-Element Hollow Cathode Lamp: Copper, Cobalt, Chromium, Iron, Manganese, Nickel

Manganese Primary line: 279.5nm
Slit Setting: 7

Nickel Primary Line: 232.0nm
Slit Setting: 2

Copper Primary Line: 324.7nm
Slit Setting: 7

Cobalt Primary Line: 240.7nm
Slit Setting: 2

Chromium Primary line: 357.9nm
Slit Setting: 7

Iron Primary Line: 248.3
Slit Setting: 2


EPA Analysis Methods:

Buck Scientific tests each hollow cathode lamp at our Norwalk CT manufacturing facility on the new Atomic Absorption spectrophotometers before shipping them out to customers. All lamps have a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defect.* (With the exception of Selenium hollow cathode lamps, they have a 2 month warranty due to the volatility of Selenium)

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