BLC-15 Educational Fixed Wavelength Isocratic HPLC

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The BLC-15 can operate to system pressures of 3000 PSI. It comes equipped with the standard "PEEK" valve. There is no pressure read out on these units. System pressure is obtained using the Peaksimple software. Our fixed wavelength systems are available in either "SS" or "PEEK"" configurations for the same price..

The BLC-10 comes standard with either a PEEK or SS analytical flowcell dependent the users option. A preparative flowcell, semi-preparative flowcells and a microbore flowcell are also available.

The pumping system on all the instruments is a high quality single piston pump with a built in pulse damper. A two-stage injection valve with a 20µl loop is standard.

Pump flow rates are from 0.01ml/min to 10ml/min.  The BLC-10 HPLC has a very sensitive, and stable filter photometer for routine assays at the most common wavelengths. The BLC-10 comes equipped with a 254nm fixed wavelength filter photometer. 280, 365, 420, 505, or 540nm filters are also available. The BLC-10 comes complete with a column, fittings, a pump and injector hardware for instant setup and analyses. The BLC-10 can be changed to a different wavelength with the purchase of a filter & source kit.

 Download the High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Brochure

 DOWNLOAD the BLC-10 Manual (Part 1)

 DOWNLOAD the BLC-10 Manual (Part 2) - PeakSimple

 DOWNLOAD the BLC-10 Manual (Part 3) - PeakSimple continued

EPA HPLC Methods for the BLC-10

EPA Method - 644 - picloram in wastewater by fixed WL HPLC.pdf

EPA Method - 638 - oryzalin pesticide by Fixed WL HPLC.pdf

EPA Method - 639 - bendiocarb pesticide by Fixed WL HPLC.pdf

EPA Method - 635 - Rotenone by fixed WL HPLC.pdf

EPA Method - 636 - Bensulide by fixed wavelength 270nm HPLC.pdf

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