Educational Sampling Accessory Kit with NaCl windows for Solid & Liquid

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The Sampling Accessory Infrared Kit consists of a comprehensive collection of accessories for the infrared laboratory. In addition to liquid and mull sampling accessories, the kit also contains a demountable 10cm gas cell, and evacuable KBr Beta Press. The Sampling Accessory Kit is available with either NaCl or KBr windows and configured for Dispersive or FTIR Spectrophotometers. The following accessories are packaged in a suitable storage case.

BA-3 Dispersive Educational

Sampling Accessory Kit includes:

KBr Evacuable Press for Solid Samples

Evacuable KBr Beta Press includes: the evacuable barrel, two hardened and polished bolts, two bolt washers, a slide holder and instructions.

The Beta Press is a unique precision solid sampling device designed for making 7mm KBr pellets. The press is available as an evacuable or non-evacuable design, consisting of two hardened and highly polished steel bolts and a stainless steel barrel (two bolt washers are included with the evacuable press for optimal evacuation of air). The KBr pellet is formed when the two bolts are turned against each other inside the barrel. Once the pellet is pressed, the two bolts are removed from the barrel and the barrel containing the pellet is then mounted in the sample compartment.

KBr Powder

KBr Powder is used to make pellets with the above press kit. The bottle contains 100mg.  KBr is used in the 40,000 to 400cm-1 range.

65mm outer diameter agate
Mortar and Pestle

10cm Beta Gas Cell

The Beta Gas Cell  is available in two path lengths, 5cm and 10cm (needs Two 25x4mm infrared  windows). The cell consists of a Pyrex body and two Pyrex filling stems fitted with replaceable rubber septa, Viton O-rings and cell slide holder. A leak-tight seal is made when the cell is assembled. Fill the cell using a gas-tight syringe. Windows are interchangeable and the procedure can be done quickly due to the demountable cell design.

500A3 NaCl Discs

These NaCl 25x4mm Discs are soluble in water and glycerine, and slightly soluble in alcohol. NaCl is fairly resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. The working wavelength range for Sodium Chloride is (52,600 - 584 cm-1). 2 discs come with the kit.

The Magnetic Film Holder

The magnetic film holder sandwiches film in between the magnetized retention plate and the steel slide plate. This holder is great for determining film thickness and spf values of sunscreen.

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