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230 Educational Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Package


  • Optional D2 Background correction
  • Manual Burner head and lamp position adjustments                                           
  • Automated wavelength setting
  • Automated Slit selection
  • Push button ignition
  • 10” color touchscreen
  • 5 screen tabbed GUI (graphic user interface)
  • 4 USB ports for
  • Manufactured and supported in the USA
  • 230ATS comes with a pre-calculated library of standard methods

Vision 1041 Visible Spectrophotometer

Features: 2 Mattchnig Glass Cuvettes


310 Gas-less Gas Chromatograph With CCD



  • PeakSimple Software for GC control and data acquisition
  • Catalytic Combustion Detector (CCD)
  • Built-in Air Compressor
  • Temperature programmable oven (Ambient to 150°C)
  • On-column injector for 0.53mm ID capillary
  • Adapter for 1/8" packed or megabore columns
  • Electronic Pressure Controls (EPC)
  • 4" Mini Insulated Column Oven
  • Operator's manual

    Alchemist 1600 Microwave digestion system

    Features: 6 Complete Microwave Digestiona Vessels

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