Heated Split/Splitless Injector

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  • Adjustable from Ambient to 300oC
  • Narrow or Wide Bore Capillary Columns
  • Split, Splitless, or On-Column Modes
  • Adjustable Split Flow

The Heated Split/Splitless injector is insulated to help maintain its temperature independently of the column oven temperature.

The Heated Split/Splitless injector permits the use of narrow-bore capillary columns (0.32mm I.D. and smaller) in split or splitless modes. Capillary columns with 0.53mm I.D. and 1/8" packed columns can be used in split, splitless, or on-column modes. The injector temperature is adjustable by means of a precision needle valve, and can be turned ON/OFF with a timed Event from the PeakSimple data system. One Silcosleeve liner and one unbreakable stainless steel liner are supplied as standard equipment with the injector.

Stainless steel and Silcosleeve liners are shown above with a megabore column adapter.

The split flow is adjustable by a precision needle valve on the front of the GC valve oven. The valve oven pictured below is on a GC that is also equipped with a gas sampling valve, and the sample inlet and outlet are also on the front of the valve oven.

The Split/Splitless injector option is an upgrade to an existing On-column injector, which is standard equipment on every Buck GC. When it is desired to add the Split/Splitless injector as a second injector, an On-column injector must be ordered as well (part number 690-0023).

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