Infrared Sampling Accessory Kit - NaCl windows (Dispersive)

Sale price$2,275.00


For Dispersive IR

The Sampling Accessory Infrared Kit consists of a comprehensive collection of accessories for the infrared laboratory. In addition to liquid and mull sampling accessories, the kit also contains a demountable 10cm gas cell, and evacuable KBr Beta Press.  The following accessories are packaged in a strong storage case.

BA-1 Basic Infrared Kit w/ NaCl Cell Windows includes:
(1) Sealed Demountable Cell Holders 6500

(2) 32 x 3mm Disc NaCl Cell Windows
(2) 32 x 3mm Disc NaCl Drilled Cell Windows

(1) Beta-Gas Cell, 10cm
(2) 25 x 4mm NaCl cell Windows

(1) Magnetic Film Holder

(1) Quick Press w/7mm Die Set
(1) 65mm Agate Mortar and Pestle
(1) KBr Powder, 100g
(1) Nujol Oil, 2oz.


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