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Microwave digestion system

Jupiter B 12 vessel Microwave Digestion System


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Power & Strength
Thee JUPITER-B microwave is the culmination of over 20 years of constant innovation in the microwave field. the Jupiter has 1800 watts of variable magnetron power and patented vessels rated at 2250 PSI with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees C.  This makes the the Jupiter ideal for everything from routine to tough digestions.  The Jupiter B can store up to 50 methods.

Safety is our top priority
The Jupiter-B Microwave digestion system has the highest level of security measures of any microwave on the market. Attention to detail is ever present in the Jupiter design. For instance, our composite fiber outer vessel is vacuum sealed with epoxy to prevent de-lamination from acid exposure. The door on the Jupiter has a double lock and safety interlocks which prevent the microwave from starting if the door is not closed properly. The door is also designed to pop out to contain an explosion should the worst happen. 

microwave digestion vesse;l

microwave digestion system vessel

Durable by design
Thee outer vessel in the JUPITER is made of high strength composite fiber, which is more expensive to manufacture, but outperforms the widely used molded PEEK engineering plastics in areas such. as corrosion resistance, high temperature, impact, and pressure resistance. Furthermore PEEK is fusible at high temperature, fragile at high pressure and explosive by chemical corrosion).

Complete digestion in every vessel
Unlike other microwaves the Jupiter features a patented rotation system which only turns in one direction. is ensures the most even heating of the vessels and a longer
service life for the microwave.

Microwave digestion vessel carousel

Built to Last!
The Jupiter is built to handle years of corrosive environments with its mult-ilayer chemical resistant polymer coating inside and out. The Jupiter is manufactured to close tolerances with impeccable attention to detail.

The Jupiter uses state of the art pressure measuring technology with its piezoelectric crystal and a Platinum temperature sensor for precise measurement and control. Once the user sets the parameters of vessel temperature and pressure, the microwave will automatically maintain those parameters by adjusting magnetron power up and down based on its sensors.

microwave disgetion system safety bolt

The safety bolt replaces the more common membrane technology to seal the vessel. e safety bolt pressure ring will snap instantly and completely
vent if a vessel reaches its maximum pressure unlike membranes that can
vent too slowly and cause vessel rupture. Furthermore, the safety bolt only
needs to be replaced upon pressure release, not with every sample as is the
case with membranes, significantly reducing the operational cost of the

The Jupiter series software features a friendly windows interface that is easily operated. the software will allow the user to control digestion temperature, pressure and change of microwave power in real time. The software can save digestion methods for speedy starts.

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