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Infrared Spectrophotometer

Our Quick Scanning Infrared covers the mid IR (4000-600CM-1) and is the low cost alternative to expensive FTIR Systems.

Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Our HC-404 is a fixed wavelength (2924 cm-1) infrared spectrophotometer for analysis of hydrocarbons in water, soil and sludge.

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Advanced Infrared spec. Package The advanced M530 package comes with Scan-n-search software for library searches and our Single bounce ATR. $12,000.00
Buck M530 Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer The M530 uses a high energy optical design and a sensitive DLATGS detector for excellent resolution over the full infrared range. Maximum performance is achieved with a fast scanning microprocessor driven mechanism. $10,500.00
Buck Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Model HC-404 is a self contained, fixed wavelength infrared analyzer designed for rapid accurate analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons in water, soil and sludge samples. $7,250.00
Scan-n-Search Infrared Software Scan-n-Search Infrared Software is our intermediate software which will be more than enough for most IR users with library capabilities, QUANT, Peak Smoothing $1,850.00
The Buck Educational Package The Buck Scientific Educational Package will fill your lab with instruments without wiping out your budget. $25,500.00
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Software Macro GRAMS AI for the M530/M500 adds powerful data manipulation and spectral search capabilities in a Windows environment. The software can acquire, view, process, and organize data directly from the M530/M500. GRAMS AI has the fastest and highest quality grap $250.00

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**Our AA and IR are built by hand in the USA