Cannabis analysis HPLC Vs. GC
Speed of Potency Analysis* ~12 minutes - Gradient
~15-20 Minutes - Isocratic
~8 Minutes
Detection Limit of injected cannabinoid sample Roughly 1 ppm Roughly 1 ppm
THCA and CBDA directly quantifiable** no yes
Terpenoid Analysis Possible, but coelution with cannabinoids can cause issues No
Pesticides Carbamate analysis, Other pesticides can be problematic depending on local regulations and LC-MS or GC-MS may be required Can measure most halogenated and/or phosphorus pesticides to low ppb levels with proper detectors, but local regulations may require use of GC-MS
Automation Possible No No
*  Analysis time only, does not include equilibration after analysis which can take 5-10 minutes depending on start/end conditions
** HPLC will separate THC and THCA peaks and quantify separately, the heat of GC causes decarboxylation of THCA to THC and will result in only one total THC peak.  Same applies for CBD and CBDA