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Download PeakSimple 497 for Windows10/11 (9.98 MB)

Peaksimple Advanced Tutorial

Peaksimple Basic Tutorial

PeakSimple FEATURES:

  • 3D chromatogram display
  • Built-in FTP Capability
  • Click & Drag Retention Windows
  • Baseline Subtraction
  • Chromatogram Overlay
  • DDE Links
  • Component Tables Multi-level Calibrations
  • Data Merge across channels
  • Autosampler Queue
  • Batch Reprocessing
  • Built-in Data Validation...and more!

Most PeakSimple functions are launched from the chromatogram window, and are so user friendly that most operators can produce results almost immediately. ToolTips makes learning your way around PeakSimple even easier, just hold your mouse cursor over any icon or check box to read the onscreen How-To instructions. PeakSimple 3.93 is the latest complete installation version available for download. PeakSimple 3.93 32-bit is compatible with Windows 98 SE, NT, 2000, ME, XP, and Vista, 32-bit versions. This version is recommended for all users with current PCs. The PeakSimple 3.93 64-bit version is for use with Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit.

PeakSimple software has been continuously developed, refined, and improved since 1988 by a dedicated team of working chromatographers. These chromatographers use the software on a daily basis, and strive to simplify and enhance every aspect of PeakSimple so our customers will benefit. New features are added to PeakSimple several times per year, and the latest version is always FREE to download online, along with helpful tutorials. When you call Buck technical support, a knowledgeable technician will answer your questions right away (no complicated phone menus, no waiting on hold)!

PeakSimple Software Features

Manually Re-integrate Chromatograms
Manual integration tools permit you to refine the integration method applied to any peak. The toolbox is available at the click of the mouse. Baseline projection may be rubber-banded from point to point, forced to a valley, dropped vertically, skimmed, etc.
Autosampler Queue and Batch Reprocessing
Create customized autosampler sequences for liquid injections, purge and trap autosamplers, gas sampling valves, and stream selectors including unique pre-defined sample information, auto-calibration, and batch reprocessing of previously run samples.
Click and Drag Retention Windows
Retention windows brackets are visible onscreen, and may be grabbed, dragged onto a peak, widened or narrowed. The component table is automatically updated when a retention window is graphically moved or modified.
Zoom In On A Specific Area Of Your Data
Point at any location and a mouse click zooms in on your data for high precision visibility. Zoom to a particular channel or zoom to an expanded view for close examination of small peaks.
Print Chromatograms in Color
Program one or two GC column ovens from ambient to 400ºC with unlimited ramps and holds, 0.01 degree resolution, and even negative programming.
Overlay Chromatograms
Overlay the data in any channel onto any other channel for retention time comparison or multidetector correlation. Overlay Adjust feature lets you stretch and shift overlaid data to facilitate pattern matching.
Baseline Subtraction
Blank baseline subtraction is useful to compensate for baseline drift due to column bleed and temperature ramping. PeakSimple lets you subtract baselines in real time as data is collected or post run.
Multi-level Calibration Curves
Calibrate peaks seven ways (straight-line best fit, multi-line, quadratic, parabolic, etc.) using single or averaged data at up to seven concentration levels. Statistics for evaluating line fit quality, modification date audit trail, and curve printout insure defensible results.
Manual/Automatic External Event Control
In addition to performing timed integration events, control up to eight external contact closure relay outputs to actuate sampling valves, autosamplers, solenoids, pumps, or any external device using TTL or relay contact closure triggers.
EPC and HPLC Gradient Programming
Program the carrier gas pressure with unlimited ramps and holds on GCs equipped with electronic pressure control. Form binary HPLC gradients using the Model 210 HPLC pump.
Dynamic Data Exchange ( DDE )
Link PeakSimple results to your DDE compatible spreadsheet or word processor (Excel, Word, 123, etc.). Analytical results are automatically transferred after every run, or can be
accumulated within PeakSimple and copied as a block of data.
Data -Logger Mode on any Channel
PeakSimple™s Data-Logger Mode allows you to display a scaled and calibrated result in large numbers in place of the normal strip chart data presentation. This is especially useful when monitoring total hydrocarbons on one channel while performing a separation on another.
Merge Results from Multiple Channels
PeakSimple lets you merge the results from any channel or all channels into one report. This is handy when combining results from different detectors into single report for export to Excel or other data analysis programs.
Data Smoothing
Noisy detector signals can be smoothed manually or automatically at the end of the run. Smoothing algorithms include Olympian, Moving Average, and Savitsky-Golay.
Calibration Averaging
PeakSimple allows up to three replicate calibration standards at each of seven concentration levels to be averaged when constructing calibration curves.
Self-Validating Hardware
PeakSimple will play back and re-acquire any chromatogram multiple times establishing the
precision and accuracy of the data system using real data not canned chromatograms. Peak-Simple™s validation can be performed by the user anytime without extra hardware.
Print Multiple Chromatograms per Page
Print one, two, three, or four chromatograms side by side on one sheet of paper. When operating multiple detectors in series this makes data interpretation simpler.
It also saves paper, time, and money.

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