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AA Systems

Buck Scientific Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

 Rugged - Compact - Reliable

Instruments Made in America Since 1970

We have three new Atomic Absorption spectrophotometers

Each of our new models comes with the following upgrades :

  • 10" color touchscreen with intuitive GUI

  • Push button ignition

  • Automated wavelength selection

  • Automated slit selection

  • 4 USB ports

Comes with a Mouse, keyboard, and printer

    The 225ATS is our educational model, which comes with two powered lamp brackets on the back of the instrument, and one internal bracket.

    The 230ATS upgrades the instrument with the addition of D2 background correction, and a rotating three lamp turret.

    The 235ATS is for analysts requiring nitrous oxide to run Al, Si, Ga, Ge Ba, Be, Ti, Va, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta, and W. The automated gas box allows for push button oxidant change-over, from Air to Nitrous oxide for safety.  The 235ATS also features a flame detector, which will turn the gases off shall the flame extinguish.