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KBr Beta Press

The Beta Press is a unique precision solid sampling device designed for making 7mm KBr pellets. The press is available as an evacuable or non-evacuable design, consisting of two hardened and highly polished steel bolts and a stainless steel barrel (two bolt washers are included with the evacuable press for optimal evacuation of air). The KBr pellet is formed when the two bolts are turned against each other inside the barrel. Once the pellet is pressed, the two bolts are removed from the barrel and the barrel containing the pellet is then mounted in the sample compartment.
Default Title 6103 Deluxe Evacuable KBr Beta Press - 6103 $315.00
Default Title 6102 KBr Beta Press - 6102 $152.00
Default Title 6112 Evacuable Barrel - 6112 $59.00
Default Title 6104 Replacement Beta Press Bolts (Qty of 2) - 6104 $59.00
Default Title 6105 Slide Plate Holder - 6105 $75.00
Default Title 5231 KBr Powder, 100gm - 5231 $170.00
Default Title 6107 Micro Spatula - 6107 $21.00
Default Title 6106 Bench Wrench Kit - 6106 $59.00