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Demountable IR / FT-IR Cell Holders & Parts

The Demountable Cell Holder is ideal for use when analyzing liquids, mulls and capillary films. Since the windows that are used in this holder are not amalgamated together (as in permanently sealed cells), the cell is easily convertible to accommodate many sampling types. Luer-Lok TM filling ports make filling and clean up easy.  Cell windows are sold separately
Default Title 6500 Demountable IR Window Holder Kit (Dispersive) - 6500 $220.00
Default Title 6500C Demountable IR Window Holder Kit (FTIR) - 6500C $220.00
Default Title 5233 Neoprene Gasket - 5233 $47.00
Default Title 5234T Teflon Gasket - 5234T $47.00
Default Title 5235 Teflon Plug - 5235 $6.00