Robert Anderson founder & CEO of Buck ScientificFrom 1960 to 1970, Robert Anderson worked for a large CT based instrument manufacturer as a service engineer repairing instruments. Robert befriended a few colleagues who worked in the sales department. They all assured, "You would be a great salesman", all he had to do was apply for the open position. So with a little nervous apprehension, Robert asked his supervisor if he could apply for a sales position. He was promptly told that he could never be a salesperson without a college degree. This brush against the glass ceiling in 1970 resulted in Buck Scientific Instruments, LLC. being created later that year in Robert's basement.  His goal was to offer third-party Analytical instrumentation support for considerably less than the instrument manufacturers. Robert and his first hire Ed Nadeau drove more than 300,000 miles a year servicing instruments across the country for the entire decade of the seventies. By 1980 Buck had broken the $1,000,000 per year milestone, and the focus turned to selling new instruments along with re-manufactured instruments. Then Robert faced a major dilemma, he had an order for 12 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, but the manufacturer discontinued the product. Robert then hired an engineer and started designing instruments to fill the order. Since then our company has designed instruments with a focus on the cost-conscious segment of the analytical instrument market.










Our success can be attributed to our outstanding customer service, realistic prices, and reliable instruments. Since we were founded by a service engineer, we design instruments that do not require much service. This has endeared us to the small labs and schools of the world where budgets can be tight.

Our Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers and Infrared Spectrophotometers are built in Norwalk CT. Both instrument lines have been sold in the thousands, with many continuing

 Major Products

In 1984, Buck Scientific Instruments, LLC. developed its first new instrument, the Model 200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Since then, our engineers have continued to develop new instruments based on the philosophy of providing excellent analytical performance and quality at an affordable price. Our current product offerings include:

1984: Model 200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
1987: Model 300 Low Level Sodium Analyzer
1988: Model 400A Mercury Analyzer
1989: Model HC-404 Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analyzer
1990: Model 500 Quick-Scan Infra-red Spectrophotometer
1991: Model 310/910 Gas Chromatographs
1992: Model 210VGP Microprocessed Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
1995: Model 220GF Modular Graphite Furnace
1997: Model BLC-10/20 High Pressure Liquid Chromatographs
1999: Model 211 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
2003: Model 410 Mercury Analyzer
2005: Model 411 Dedicated Arsenic & Selenium Analyzer
2010: Model M530 Infrared Spectrophotometer
2017 Model 230ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with full automation & 10" touchscreen

Markets Served

Buck Scientific Instruments LLC. has more than 10,000 satisfied instrument users in over 40 countries. We support a wide variety of customers in the industrial, environmental, quality control, mining, plating, and educational markets. Our engineers and chemists are continuously developing new applications to serve particular needs. Please call us Toll-Free 800-562-5566 to find out how we can provide help for your specific requirements.

The Buck AA Systems are very popular with:

Waste water treatment plants ~ precious metal mines ~ plating facilities ~ Universities, Quality control labs

Customer Support

Our instruments and accessories are supported by an in-house sales, technical, and applications staff. Feel free to call us at our Toll-Free Hotline (800-562-5566) or contact us through e-mail at for any sales inquiries or customer service. Our international department uses a network of more than 50 representative agencies to cover sales, service, and support to customers worldwide.



NEW 2024 Location! 1 Water Street Ansonia, CT 06401 USA 

Buck Scientific Instruments has experienced tremendous growth and expansion over the last few years, necessitating a move from our original, modest facility to a much more spacious new home that will accommodate our increasing needs. Our new location, starting 2024, is still just a short train ride away from New York to Ansonia, CT provides not just increased space but upgraded features such as an enlarged laboratory space to facilitate a greater number of visitors participating in our highly regarded scientific learning courses.

 Outlook for the future


In August 2020 Eric Anderson took the company over from his father Bob to continue his 50 year legacy of building the most reliable instruments money can buy.  At this time, the company name was changed to Buck Scientific Instruments LLC. Eric is a veteran of the United States Navy where he was an Aviation Structural mechanic. Eric has first-hand experience in the importance of keeping aircraft up and running and the detriment of downtime.  He strives to keep the integrity ingrained in the Buck Scientific Instruments corporate culture. 

Currently, the R&D department is working on an ICP OES system to broaden our reach into the PPB metals analysis market.