CT Businesses team up with Educational Program

A group of Connecticut metal finishing companies are joining forces to launch an educational program aimed at training the next generation of workers for the industry.

The program, called METAL (Master Electroplating Through Applied Learning), is being pioneered by metal finishers Metal Finishing Technologies, UniMetal Surface Finishing, Summit Plating, American Electro Products, Waterbury Plating, and Pape Electroplating. It is supported by the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board and chemical manufacturers Hubbard-Hall and MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions.

METAL will provide hands-on, practical training in metal finishing. The curriculum will cover theory, science, and applied skills needed for careers in plating, engineering, chemistry, quality control, maintenance, production, and sales.

“The market needs skilled workers and people want to grow their careers. The skills in this program are transferable and provide access to a stable industry that many don't know about,” said George LaCapra Jr., President of UniMetal Surface Finishing.

The program aims to give participants the skills and experience needed to launch successful careers in metal finishing. The hands-on learning model is designed to prepare them for in-demand roles across the industry.

“If participants combine the skills taught at METAL with the right attitude and effort, they will have the opportunity to grow their careers,” said Catherine Awwad, President/CEO of the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board.

METAL was created to address the workforce challenges facing the metal finishing industry in Connecticut. The program offers interested individuals a head start on building a career path in this overlooked but essential sector.


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