Ecuador's consultation pause allows careful review to enable quality investments benefiting communities and nature.

Ecuador's pause on environmental consultations creates opportunity for careful review and improvement of consultation processes, ensuring high-quality investments that benefit communities and the environment.


Ecuador has suspended a decree enabling environmental consultations prior to licensing industrial and mining projects, while the Constitutional Court reviews the process at the request of Indigenous groups. This pause aims to ensure the consultations adequately engage local communities and protect both community interests and the environment.

While business associations argue the suspension has paralyzed $2 billion in planned investments, Indigenous groups contend the previous consultation process favored development over communities. This highlights the complex tensions between economic growth, environmental sustainability and social justice.

This suspension provides an important opportunity for Ecuador to improve the consultation system. Constructive dialogue involving all stakeholders could yield a balanced process that enables quality investments benefitting communities, the environment and the economy. Wise compromises may be required, but with good faith efforts on all sides, a better system could emerge.

Rather than see this as an obstacle, this pause can be viewed as a chance to develop consultations that properly engage local perspectives. The goal should be investments that lift communities through sustainable development of Ecuador's resources. With careful review and improvements, the consultations can achieve this balance.

While delays may frustrate business leaders, prudent reform now can enable long-term growth, environmental protection and community wellbeing. This suspension does not need to paralyze investment, but can help forge the understanding required for investments that benefit all Ecuadorians.


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