Capillary FID Gas Chromatograph

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The Buck capillary FID Gas chromatography system is our best seller.  This GC is made in America, comes with a two year warranty, and features our popular PeakSimple software free!

  • FID Detector
  • On-Column Injector
  • built-in air compressor
  • 1-meter Silica Gel Column
  • Temperature Programmable Column Oven
  • Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) for Carrier & Combustion Gases
  • Single channel PeakSimple Data System
  • Programmed oven temperatures from 50°C/min up to 300°C and 20°C/min from 300°C to 450°C
  • Peak Simple Software for Windows with built-in 4 channel serial data system
  • Fast cool oven from 400°C to 50°C in less than 5 minutes for increased sample throughput

Both the carrier gas and the FID combustion gas are controlled by programmable electronic pressure control modules (EPC). EPC not only provide retention time reproducibility, but allow the carrier gas to be pressure ramped (just as the column oven is temperature ramped) from the built-in PeakSimple data system.

The on-column injector is ideal for 1/8" packed and 0.53mm wide bore capillary columns, and is suitable for analyses ranging from methane to heavy, high-boiling hydrocarbons (C44+). The column oven accepts column cage diameters up to four inches, is programmable to 400°C, and recycles quickly with its high speed cool-down fans.

FID (Flame Ionization Detector) Commonly used for Organic analyses, it is specific for Hydrocarbon species with a working range from ~10PPM to 10% for C1-C10 compounds. It has a high temperature range, over 400°C, and can be interfaced with add-on detectors for selective-species measurements. Solvent and material characterization, environmental samples, TPH and petroleum analyses are primary applications. Air & Hydrogen are support gases, using Helium for a carrier gas.


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