235ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

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  • D2 Background correction
  • Automated wavelength setting
  • Push button oxidant change-over for N2O
  • Flame detector with automatic gas shut down
  • Sample drain sensor to prevent flashbacks
  • Automated Slit selection
  • Push button ignition
  • 10” color touchscreen
  • 5-screen tabbed GUI (graphic user interface)
  • 4 USB ports for
  • Manufactured and supported in the USA
  • 235ATS comes with a library of pre-calculated standard methods

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See More with Superior Optics

Our innovative optical design unlocks the full potential of atomic absorption, providing greater sensitivity and lower detection limits than traditional systems. By maximizing energy throughput, our instruments can measure lower concentrations of key elements like Arsenic and Selenium without expensive EDL lamps.

This efficient design also allows our spectrometers to be remarkably compact. Our instruments have a smaller footprint and lighter weight compared to competitor models, making them ideal for space-constrained labs and field applications.

The bottom line? Our optimized optics deliver enhanced performance and versatility. Get expanded analytical capabilities without the high cost and bulk of dated AA systems. Discover new levels of trace element detection with our cutting-edge atomic absorption technology.

The 235ATS includes Deuterium Background correction for Improved Accuracy

  • D2 correction accounts for nonspecific background interference, increasing measurement accuracy and confidence.
  • By removing background noise, D2 correction lowers detection limits for enhanced sensitivity and trace analysis.
  • Correcting for variations in sample introduction and flame instability improves measurement precision.
  • D2 enables accurate analysis even with complex sample matrices like oils, blood, ashes.
  • Automated D2 correction built into the system makes analysis easier for new users.
  • D2 produces reliable, reproducible results by compensating for flame variations.
  • D2 correction linearizes calibration curves and improves quantitation accuracy.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer optical layout

Unlock Maximum Sensitivity with Superior Nebulization

Our short-path dynamic nebulizer-burner setup is engineered for performance. We precisely position an inert nebulizer needle to inject the sample into a venturi for incredible nebulization. This nebulizes even challenging sample types with high total dissolved solids or viscosities.

The sample then reaches a high-velocity impact bead made of corrosion-resistant material. This generates a fine aerosol mist for the most efficient transport of sample to the flame.

What does this mean for your lab? Our innovative nebulizer setup delivers extreme sensitivity and stability across all sample matrices. You get lower detection limits to see more of your sample and expanded analytical capabilities.

Experience the difference optimized nebulization makes. Achieve new levels of sensitivity and productivity with our cutting-edge sample introduction system. Unlock the full potential of your lab.

Innovation That Simplifies Service

Easy access was a guiding principle in our 230ATS design. We've engineered quick-slide doors and panels to make wear components readily serviceable. Our founder's decades of hands-on experience ensured critical parts are upfront and convenient to maintain.

Because at Buck Scientific, we know downtime costs you.

While other brands maximize profits using inferior components, we refuse to compromise. Our atomic absorption systems are made to perform, day after day, with industrial-grade materials.

Experience the difference thoughtful design makes. Our instruments deliver the powerful performance labs need while simplifying upkeep. You get robust construction coupled with incredible ease of service.

Partner with the only spectrometer designed by technicians, for technicians. Discover worry-free ownership and increased productivity. That's the Buck Scientific difference.

Turn-key analysis with a standard method

Our instruments come with a library of standard methods. The Operator can simply choose the appropriate library method to start your analysis. This eliminates the need for method development for most applications.

Customers can also create and save their own methods. The Software allows customer methods saved for later use.

All the library entries are being continually updated so you are ensured to have access to all our latest development for performance optimization.


Our Promise: Care that Goes the Extra Mile

At Buck Scientific, you're not just a customer - you're family. Since 1970, our close-knit team has prioritized personal support at every step.

Questions? We're always here to help via phone, email, or video chat. Our experts offer guidance remotely or in-person training at your lab. Wherever you are, you're covered.

Maintenance needs? Most domestic clients utilize our cost-effective, ship-back service. We take care of repairs and maintenance at our U.S. headquarters, getting instruments back to peak performance.

For international teams, our global network provides localized assistance. You get specialized care that works for you.

Experience our unmatched dedication firsthand. Our instruments come with lifetime in-house training and the industry's best technical support.

Partner with a team that cares about your success as much as you do. Discover the Buck Scientific difference.


How to Set Up the 235ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Copper Calibration using the 230ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


235ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Brochure

 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Pre-Installation Guide

 235ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Manual


Wavelength Range: 190 to 900nm, Accuracy ± 0.2nm, Precision ± 0.1nm
Monochromator / Optics: 250mm Ebert mount, 600 lines/mm grating, 0.2-0.7-2.0nm bandpass
Hollow Cathode Lamp Supply: Triple HCL power supply; 3 to 75 mA peak.  
Background Correction: Deuterium - In-Line (see-through) configuration, pulsed illumination, hot cathode, variable frequency, corrects from 190-350nm (0.7nm slit). 
Burner / Nebulizer: Polypropylene spray chamber with pre-mix burner and high efficiency adjustable nebulizers (SS), Titanium burner heads for Air/Acetylene, Argon/Hydrogen and Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene operation.
Microprocessor: Computer control by 80C188 chip, 8/16 bit operation, 12/24 MHz clockspeed; non-volatile SRAM storage of >200 method files.
Integration / Response Range: User selectable times from 0.5 to 10 seconds for continuous (flame) and transient (furnace, hydride) signals.
Calibration: Automatic, weighted least squares fit to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order functions, up to 8 points.
Display: 10" Color touchscreen
Output Modes: USB x 4
Dimensions / Weight: 39"L x 11"W x 12"H; 50 lbs (81 lbs shipping weight)
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC operating range, 50/60 Hz AC, <150 watts

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