310 GC Mainframe, 6 Channel USB 2.0 Chassis, 115V

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  • Small size, full performance
  • Dimensions: 12.5" wide x 13.5" high x 14.5" deep
  • Ambient to 400°C temperature programmable column oven
  • Mounts up to four detectors

The Model 310 is the smallest GC that still retains the performance of a full-sized laboratory instrument. The Model 310 column oven is temperature programmable from ambient to 400°C, with unlimited ramps and holds, plus fast cool-down. It will accommodate capillary or packed 4-inch diameter columns. Up to four detectors can be mounted simultaneously with a single On-column, Heated Flash Vaporization, Split/Splitless or PTV injector. All gases are controlled by electronic pressure controllers (EPC), and the carrier pressure is programmable. The PeakSimple data system is built in for easy connection to your PC. The Model 310 was designed to satisfy the needs of chromatographers who demand the utmost in portability, small size, and high performance, but whose application does not require gas sampling valves, purge & trap, or multiple injector types.

Standard equipment:
Model 310 chassis; ambient to 400°C column oven; On-column injector with carrier EPC; single channel PeakSimple data system; "at-a-glance" display of temperatures, pressures, voltages, and detector parameters; operator's manual; accessory kit; and a heavy duty reusable shipping container. To completely configure a Model 310 GC, most users will need to specify one or more detectors, columns, and an injector upgrade (see the injector types listed in the previous paragraph). Some users may also need a Gas Line Installation Kit (see page 76) for each gas required (helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.).

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