Demountable Cell Holder Kit (Dispersive)

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6500SD Demountable Cell Holder Kit for M530 & M500 Infrared Spectrophotometers (Dispersive)

The Circular Demountable Cell Holder is ideal for use when analyzing liquids because these cells are leak-proof and provide an even pressure. Since the windows that are used in this holder are not amalgamated together (as in permanently sealed cells), the cell is easily convertible to accommodate many sampling types, including mulls and capillary films. Luer-Lok filling ports make filling and clean up easy.

When analyzing mulls or capillary films, the cell is assembled with one or two undrilled windows and when analyzing liquids, the cell can be assembled with one undrilled window, a spacer, and a drilled window to create a cell with a specific path length. A gasket is used to help prevent leakage.

10 x 22mm aperture
Window size: 38x19x14mm*

P/N 6500SD

Consists of the Stainless Steel Holder, two sealing gaskets, O-rings, two plugs, a compensating ring, spacers, a needle plate, and a package of assorted spacers.

* Windows are sold seperately


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