910 GC Mainframe and Oven, 6 Detector System

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  • Mount up to six detectors and five injectors
  • Ambient to 400°C temperature programmable column oven
  • Dimensions: 19" wide x 13.5" high x 14.5" deep
  • Implement virtually any EPA or ASTM method

The Model 910 gas chromatograph is our most versatile and popular model. While it is very compact next to comparable laboratory GCs from other manufacturers, it is large enough and flexible enough to perform an amazing variety of applications. See our Pre-configured GC section for some examples of the 910 adaptability.

The 910 can control up to 16 heated zones, three gas sampling valves, and seven EPC gas pressures. Up to six detectors, from a choice of 11, can be mounted simultaneously.

Up to five injectors, from a choice of 12, may be installed on the same 910 GC.

The 910 column oven is temperature programmable from ambient to 400°C with unlimited ramps and holds, and fast cool-down. This airbath oven can hold a standard 7-inch diameter megabore column cage, or multiple columns with smaller coil sizes.

The 910 can be configured to implement virtually any EPA or ASTM method while remaining small enough to ship via FedEx and UPS, or even check as checked airline baggage.

Standard equipment:
Model 910 chassis; ambient to 400°C column oven; On-column injector with carrier EPC; single channel PeakSimple data system; "at-a-glance" display of temperatures, pressures, voltages, and detector parameters; operator's manual; accessory kit; and a heavy duty reusable shipping container. To completely configure a Model 910 GC, most users will need to specify one or more detectors, injectors, and columns. Some users may also need a gas line installation kit for each gas required (helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.).

Application Notes:

  1. GC3001 Rapid Measurement of Alcohol (Ethanol) in Beer and Wine Making by GC/FID
  2. GC3005 Environmental Analysis of BTEX Compounds in Soil, Water, and Sludge by GC/PID
  3. GC3006 Pesticide Analysis by GC/ECD/NPD & FID
  4. GC3008 Environmental Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Soil, Water and Sludge by GC/PID/DELCD
  5. GC3009 Ambient Air Quality Analysis of Toxic Gases and Priority Pollutants by GC/TCD/FID
  6. GC3010 On-site Analysis of Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) in Soil and Groundwater Using Field Portable Purge & Trap GC/FID/PID
  7. GC3011 Differentiating Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by GC with Simultaneous Flame Ionization and Electron Capture Detection
  8. GC3012 Ultra-sensitive Coal Tar Distillate Analysis by GC-PID

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