Advanced Chromatography Package

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This package includes both the Multiple Gas GC #5 with TCD FID and Methanizer, and the BLC-30G Binary Gradient Variable Wavelength HPLC.

Multiple Gas GC #5 with TCD FID and Methanizer

  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  • Flame Ionization Detector (FID), (Usually equipped with a Methanizer)
  • Two 10-Port Gas Sampling Valves
  • .5 meter Hayesep D column
  • 2 meter Hayesep D column
  • 2 meter Moleseive 5A column
  • 6 channel PeakSimple usb data system

Unfortunately there is no single column that can separate: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, CO, CO2, Ethane, Water, Propane, Butane, and Pentane.  Over the years, we have devised several solutions to this analytical problem, starting with the MultipleGas#1 configuration and evolving to the present Multiple Gas #5 configuration.

The Thermal Conductivity Detector can detect all the gases listed above, besides hydrogen, from 200ppm to 100% concentration.  The Flame Ionization Detector can detect hydrocarbons down to 1ppm, and with the Methanizer attachment, CO and CO2 down to 1ppm.

This model, is highly customizable, as are most of our GCs. It can be modified to have a third valve, more detectors, and more columns.


BLC-30G Binary Gradient Variable Wavelength HPLC

Gradient HPLC is the ideal technique for analyzing complex samples, while isocratic HPLC is often used for simple mixtures. During gradient HPLC, the strength of the solvent that carries the sample is increased, while in isocratic HPLC, it remains the same. The advantages of gradient HPLC are more specific results in the sample identification and analysis. However, gradient HPLC requires more complex machines that can automatically increase the solvent gradients. Such HPLC machines contain a piece of equipment called a binary pump and can also perform isocratic HPLC. The BLC-30G from Buck Scientific is the binary gradient version of our BLC-30 analytical HPLC systems with variable wavelength detectors.

The BLC-30G HPLC system uses a high-quality, precision monochromator based spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths from 190-800nm for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package.

The 30-series is easily upgraded to a gradient system with the Buck-Chrom controller & Peak-Simple data transfer, optional semi-prep systems for material isolation with optional Auto-Sampler, Fraction Collector, RI Detector, & Fluorescence detector.

Pump Specs:

  • Flow Rate 0.01-9.99 ml/min.
  • Pressure 0-2500PSI (Analytical)
  • Accuracy 1% Max. deviation
  • Precision <0.5% RSD
  • Panel Controls Run/Stop & Prime, Flow
  • Control, Pump Status LED
  • Display Flow rate (ml/min)
  • Shipping Weight 45 lbs.
  • Dimensions 16"W x 7"H x 17"D

Detector Specs:

  • Wavelength Range 195 - 800nm
  • Bandpass 5nm
  • Flowcell 10L Volume, 7mm Path
  • ABS Range 0.005 - 1.0 ABS (2 ABS Max.)
  • Drift <2 x 10-4 A/hour @ 254nm
  • Noise <2 x 10-5 A @ 254nm
  • Linearity >2%
  • Panel Controls ABS, Auto-Zero,Wavelength
  • Wavelength Accuracy <2nm, Reproducibility < 1nm
  • Recorder Output 10mV full-scale
  • Integrator Output 1V/ABS to 2V
  • Display 4 Digits (ABS), 3 Digits (NM)


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