Alchemist 4000 Microwave Digestion System

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The top loading Alchemist 4000 microwave digestion system is designed for maximum throughput.  3000 watts of user controllable power, and dual magnetrons ensure fast and even digestions of the toughest samples.


• Patented tool-less finger-tight Vessels require no tools, and need no membranes or costly temperature probes.

• The On-board computer automatically adjusts power output to keep your pressure(0-1450 PSI), and temperature (0-400 C) within user-set parameters.

• Continuous 360 degree rotation ensures uniform vessel heating and reduces stop and start carousel motor wear.

• IR contactless bottom-up temperature monitoring

• Wireless pressure & Temperature monitoring for contamination-free sample prep.

• Proprietary re-sealing elastomer vessel pressure relief valve eliminates the need for pesky rupture discs.

• Audible anomaly detection system sounds an alarm in case of vessel rupture.

 •8-inch color Touch screen with a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

• Carbon fiber reinforced polymer outer vessel provides excellent sample containment

• The Alchemist 4000 comes with 10 Pre-installed common methods, and allows users to create, save, modify, and delete methods.

• The 316L stainless steel chassis is coated with multiple layers of PTFE for the ultimate corrosion resistance.

• High Powered variable frequency (0-3000 watts) dual magnetron power for quick preparations

• Top Load design for the pinnacle in safety and easy access, eliminating the need to remove a heavy carousel.

• Sturdy extra free-standing carousel for easy pre-loading.

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