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Beta cell

Beta Cell


Beta Cell only. No holder.
For use with 25x4mm discs.

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  • How do I get salt plates to go in this holder?

    Normally we ship the male and female pieces with the two Teflon spacer all ready together.  If you look at the picture of the beta cell on our website the white male plastic piece has been unscrewed from the female chromed/silver piece.   1) With the "window" opening down place one Teflon gasket into the silvered retainer.  2) Put and seat one 25 mm window into the silvered retainer on top of the gasket.  3) Put the desired spacer on top of the window.  4) Use a syringe or dropper to put some sample in the center of the window.  5) Put and seat the second window on top of sample (windows must be the same material. ex NaCL or KBr)  6) Put in and seat the second Teflon gasket.  7) Carefully screw in the white male plastic retainer until finger tight.  8) You should now have your sample sandwitch between the two windows and the two male and female hex pieces are holding it tight together so that the sample doesn't leak out.