Heated Adsorbent Traps

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  • Dual setpoints for adsorption & desorption temperatures
  • Preconcentrates molecules between C3 and C15
  • Single or dual independently heated traps
  • Requires a 10 port valve & valve oven
  • Adsorbent packing of your choice
  • PeakSimple control


  • Carbosieve II
  • MoleSieve 13X
  • Carbopack B
  • Silica Gel
  • HayeSep-D
  • Tenax-GR

Heated adsorbent traps are a simple and economical way to preconcentrate samples for the GC. A heated trap consists of a stainless steel tube packed with adsorbent. While sample is drawn through the tube, analytes of interest are trapped on the adsorbent bed. Then, the trap is heated and the valve rotated to desorb the analytes into the carrier gas stream, which deposits them in the analytical column for separation prior to reaching the detector.

Each trap is plumbed as a sample loop of a 10-port gas sampling valve. A valve and heated valve oven must be ordered along with a heated trap. Heated traps are installed in the ducts of the valve oven on the left-hand side of the GC.

Top View of Heated Trap Above

Choose one or two independently heated traps packed with your choice of adsorbent. Rather than using multiple adsorbents with different affinities and desorption temperatures in a single trap, Buck uses a unique dual trap system for simultaneous trapping and desorption of dissimilar analytes. Dual heated traps are an integral part of the Buck Purge and Trap and the TO-14 Air Concentrator. For most applications, dual heated traps still require just one 10-port gas sampling valve.

Dual heated/fast cooling adsorbent traps, as above-- $3,079.00

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