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Holmium Oxide Glass Filter

Holmium Oxide Glass Filter


Holmium Oxide Glass Filter - used as UV/Vis calibration standard and is mounted in a 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm black aluminum block that goes in a standard UV/Vis cuvette holder.

Part Number: BS5709



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  • How close are the wavelengths from this filter to NIST values? How reproducible are the calibration wavelengths over a period of years? Would this standard satisfy ISO requirements for calibration?

    Normally the published NIST wavelengths are for holmium perchlorate.  It is in a liquid cuvette with a screw top and the solution and leak out over time.  They normally want you to pay to have it checked out every few years and the ones from NIST are around $1700 more or less last time anyone checked.  This standard has more peaks over a bigger range because it’s a quartz cell than the holmium oxide glass. The service engineers use the holmium oxide glass which has slightly different listed peaks because they are good just about forever.  Every few years I have to clean off some film or outgassing that developes on the glass kind of like what I see on normal UV/Vis optical filters.  The calibration wavelengths of holmium oxide glass are like the .05 mm polystyrene test film they do no shift with age.  We sell the polystyrene for $20, if you want a certified one its normally hundreds of dollars for the documentation that has to go with it.  This standard if fine for ISO calibration if they do not ask for a "Certified Standard".