FTIR Sampling Accessory Kit - w/ NaCl windows

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The Sampling Accessory Infrared Kit consists of a comprehensive collection of accessories for the infrared laboratory. In addition to liquid and mull sampling accessories, the kit also contains a demountable 10cm gas cell, and evacuable KBr Beta Press. The Sampling Accessory Kit is available with either NaCl or KBr windows and configured for Dispersive or FTIR Spectrophotometers. The following accessories are packaged in a suitable storage case.

FTIR Kit  for BA-1C Basic Infrared Kit NaCl Windows includes:

(2) Sealed Demountable Cell Holders 6500

(6) 38 x 19 x 4mm NaCl Cell Windows
(4) 38 x 19 x 4mm NaCl Drilled Cell Windows

(1) Beta-Gas Cell, 10cm
(2) 25 x 4mm NaCl cell Windows

(1) Magnetic Film Holder

(1) Evacuable KBr Beta Press
(1) 65mm Agate Mortar and Pestle
(1) KBr Powder, 100g
(1) Nujol Oil, 2oz.


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