NaCl (FTIR) Permanent Sealed Liquid Cell

Choose a Path Length: 0.015 mm
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Permanent Sealed Liquid Cell - For use with FTIR instruments.

NaCl windows are soluble in water and glycerine, and slightly soluble in alcohol. Fairly resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. (52,600-584cm-1)

The Permanent Sealed Liquid Cell consists of a stainless steel body, which is corrosion resistant. Each cell is permanently mounted and sealed in the stainless steel body and each has a precise path length. Permanent Sealed Liquid Cells are calibrated with the interference fringe calculation before leaving the factory. Since the cell thickness is permanently fixed it provides the user a means for accurate, reproducible results, making it ideal for performing quantitative measurements. The cell is filled through the Luer-Lok filling ports. Permanent Sealed Cells cannot be disassembled without destroying the cell. Should the cell become damaged it can be sent back to Buck Scientific to be repaired.

Please Note: Our permanently sealed cells are custom built to order. Each cell needs time to be cured and then be Quality tested.

Also,. Due to covid-19 related supply chain issues all permanently sealed cells have a 2-6 week lead time.



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