Online Liquid Sampler for Purge & Trap

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  • For use with Method 5030 Purge & Trap
  • Automatically fills and empties the Purge Vessel
  • Valve and 5mL Loop for precise sampling
  • Data System Control

The Online Sampler for Purge & Trap is designed for applications where a single water stream needs to be measured automatically and repeatedly by purge & trap. The Online Sampler automatically fills and empties the test tube purge vessel of the Buck Method 5030 Purge & Trap with a precisely metered 5mL volume of water. This is useful when monitoring a single stream of contaminated groundwater, or a waste water stream.

A valve with a 5mL loop, special plumbing, and a custom purge head make up the Online Sampler. The stream to be monitored is plumbed to the Online Sampler and a 10-100mL/minute flow is established to continuously flush the loop with fresh sample. When used with a Buck Purge & Trap GC, the PeakSimple data system controls the sampler transfer the loop contents into the purge vessel of the purge & trap concentrator. When the purge is complete, the purge vessel is emptied to waste. The valve may be optionally configured with a second loop so that an internal standard can be injected along with the water sample.

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