Palladium (Pd) Hollow Cathode Lamp 1.5" Uncoded

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Buck Scientific tests each hollow cathode lamp at our Norwalk, CT manufacturing facility on the new Atomic Absorption spectrometers before shipping them out to customers.

Our hollow cathode lamps are compatible with all Atomic absorption spectrometers, with the exception of PE.

All lamps have a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defect.* (With the exception of Selenium hollow cathode lamps, they have a 2 month warranty due to the volatility of Selenium)

Palladium Primary Line: 247.6 nm
Slit Setting: 2

  • Long life for
  • High intensity light output resulting in low signal-to-noise ratio and excellent performance
  • Low operating current to extend lifetime of lamps even further
  • Enhanced sensitivity to produce great results even with difficult samples

High Intensity
Our lamps are specially designed to emit high intensity at the recommended operating current, resulting in low Signal-to-Noise ratio and excellent performance.

Low Operating Current
Our lamps may be operated at only half of the instrument manufacturer's recommended current for sufficient intensity, resulting in long lifetime of the lamps.

Category Data
Glowing starting voltage: 300 V
Radiation stability: 1% over 30 minutes
Size: 1.5" lamps Diameter: 38 mm, Length: 160 mm
Part #: 4140

Quality Control
Utilizes Total Quality Control (TQC) to monitor, control and inspect every single step of the hollow cathode lamp manufacturing process. The materials are carefully selected in our manufacturing to avoid spectral interference from fill gas or impurities in the cathode material.

1.5" Hollow Cathode Lamp

  • Uncoded 1.5" lamps for all systems except Perkin-Elmer system.

Palladium Analysis Methods:


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