Peltier CryoCooled Trap for Gas Sampling Valve

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  • Sample from source, Tedlar bags, cannisters or ambient air
  • Vacuum pump with data system controlled interface
  • Independently heated dual trap design (optional)
  • PeakSimple control

The CryoCooled Peltier Trap can cool samples down to -15°C. It is designed for use with analytes that do not trap well but can enrich in cold temperatures, such as some sulfur compounds. The trap is filled with Tenax-GR and silica gel adsorbents. A vacuum pump is included for drawing samples through the CryoCooled Peltier Trap. The CryoCooled Peltier Trap has its own power supply, separate from the main GC power.

The CryoCooled Peltier Trap is basically a heated trap sandwiched between two Peltier coolers. The CryoCooled Peltier Trap also requires a 10-port gas sampling valve (sold separately). While the Peltier Trap is enriching the sample, the 10-port valve is in the LOAD position. At the conclusion of the sampling period, the trap is heated to 150-200°C and the valve is rotated to the INJECT position; this places the trap in the carrier gas stream and sweeps the enriched analytes into the column.

The chromatogram above shows the Buck FPD response to 10ppb hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as enriched by the CryoCooler at -10°C.

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