Polystat® Air-Cooled Recirculator

Sale price$3,715.00


Ideal for applications where cooling fluid temperature is higher than ambient temperature

This air-cooled recirculator is an economical alternative to chillers with mechanical refrigeration. A positive displacement pump circulates fluid to your equipment, into a reservoir, and then through a fan-cooled radiator that removes the heat. Built-in low liquid level indicator ensures the safety of the reservoir and pumping system. Compact design saves space in your laboratory or factory.

What's Included:
an easy-to-clean air filter to maintain cooling radiator efficiency. The pump is protected from damaging scale particles by a reusable in-line filter.

Product Type Circulators (Cooling/Heating)
Capacity (Liters) 4.5
Working area (" D) 15"
Pressure pump (Max head at 0 flow) 1.3 gallon
Wetted materials PVC, polyethylene, copper, and brass
Pump type Force
Power (VAC) 120
Power (Hz) 60


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