Potassium Standard Solution

Size: 100ml
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Ground shipping is the only shipping method available. Please note, due to federal regulations standard solutions cannot be sent via overnight or second day.

Buck Scientific, Inc. provides a complete line of Standard Solutions and Spectroscopic Reagents for use on Flame, Furnace, Cold Vapor, and Hydride A.A. analyses. Buck Solutions are prepared from specially purified starting materials, 18 MegaOhm Water, and high-purity CMOS grade acids to provide the lowest levels of contaminants and interferences. All our standards are analyzed by two analytical procedures to insure concentration accuracy to 5PPM, and are traceable to N.I.S.T., A.S.T.M., and I.U.P.A.C. (where reference materials exist). Manufacturing practices follow very strict protocols. The organic-based standards are synthesized from pure carboxylic acids and high-purity inorganic salts. Buck employs stabilizing matrices that allow analysts to mix standards and make spike additions without significant errors or incompatibilities.


Atomic Absorption Standards are available as 1000 PPM Aqueous Concentrates, packaged in cleaned 500 ml polyethylene bottles for best stability. They are also available as 125 ml bottles of 5000 PPM (mg/kg) Organo-Metallic Solutions in light Mineral Oil suitable for dilution in a wide variety of solvents (hexane, MIBK, methylene chloride, kerosene, etc.). Certificates of Analyses for all Standard Solutions are available upon request.

Matrix Modifiers for Furnace work and Spectrographic Buffers for Flame procedures are prepared as concentrates to minimize sample dilution and provide a low Blank level when added to calibration standards. All solutions come with abbreviated instructions for their proper use.



Product Name: Potassium Standard Solution
Package Type: Each
Units Per Package: 1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Element: Potassium
Matrix: 5% HNO3


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