Refractive Index Detector

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The NEW Differential Refractive Index Detector for HPLC, GPC/SEC

The new Refractive Index Detector RI 2012 series provides a consistent enhancement of the already successfully established Refractive Index Detector models RI 2000 and RI 2000-F.

The Refractive Index Detector RI 2012 series offers users 3 times higher sensitivity, (compared to RI 2000) stability and reproducibility required for optimal refractive index detection in HPLC and GPC/SEC

The new Refractive Index Detector RI 2012 series provide autopurge and autozero capabilities, as well as RS-232 and USB communication to acquire data directly without using any external signal interface.

Refractive Index Detector RI 2012 detectors are available for:

  • micro
  • analytical
  • semipreparative mode
RI 2012 M / micro RI 2012 A / analytical RI 2012 P/ semiprep
Detection Method Deflection  Deflection  Deflection
Refractive Index Range 1.00 to 1.75  1.00 to 1.75  1.00 to 1.75
Flow Rate 0,2 - 3,0 ml/min 0,2 - 3,0 ml/min 5,0 - 50 ml/min
Flow Cell Volume 4ul, 45° angle 9ul, 45° angle 13ul, 5° angle
max. Flow Cell Pressure 6 kg/cm2  6 kg/cm2 6 kg/cm2
Dead Volume Into cell 6ul Into cell 24ul Into cell 88 or 314ul
Linearity Range 0-500ul RIU 0-1000  uRIU 0-20000 uRIU
Noise Level 10 x 10-9 RIU 5 x 10-9 RIU 10 x 10-8 RIU
Autozero Range Full Range Full Range Full Range
Drift with 1ml H2O/min < 1 mV/hour < 1 mV/hour < 1 mV/hour
Purge Valve yes yes Yes/No (depends on flow)
Integrator Output +/- 1 Volt
Recorder Output +/- 10 mV / 100 mV / 1Volt
Recorder Offset 0 mV/ 10 mV/ 100 mV
Recorder Range 8 steps (1:8) - (16:1)
Marker Yes / No
Digital Interface Control of: Purge, Autozero, Start, Stop, Heater, Data output rate, Polarity Current output of: Temperature optical bench, Optical balance, sum voltage, difference voltage, Alarm (Signal too high/low, A/D out of range, no temp. sensor)
Digital Output TTL: Intensity Alarm
Digital Input TTL: Purge, Autozero, Start/Marker
Temperature Setting Ambient, 35°C to 55°C in 1°C steps, Thermal Fuse 70°C
Time Constant RAW (0,0 sec), Fast (0,4 sec), Medium (0,8 sec), Slow (1,2 sec)
Power Source AC 100-120/220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 50VA
Dimensions in cm 300mm x 440mm x 175mm (W x D x H)
Weight 9,6 kg
Cat.-No.: Description
RI 2012 A Differential Refractive Index Detector, Analytical
RI 2012 M Differential Refractive Index Detector, Micro
RI 2012 P Differential Refractive Index Detector, Preparative

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