Six Channel Peaksimple Data Station

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  • 6 channels, 4 separate time bases, 4 remote start inputs
  • Independent start & stop times for 4 separate instruments
  • USB 2.0 connection to your Windows PC
  • Includes PeakSimple software

The Model 302 is available mounted inside the 910 and 310 GCs, or it can be mounted in a separate box for connection to other manufacturers' GC or HPLC detectors. The Model 302 data system consists of PeakSimple chromatography software for Windows, and a six channel, 20-bit high resolution A/D board.

When mounted in a Buck GC, the Model 302 controls the column oven temperature program, and the pressure program of the carrier gas electronic pressure controller (EPC). The eight available TTL outputs are connected internally within the GC to control functions like valve rotation, gas solenoid actuation, autosampler injection, etc.

When mounted in a separate box, the temperature, pressure, and gradient control outputs are available for use, but not connected to anything. The eight TTL outputs are wired to a bank of eight single-pole, dual-throw mechanical relays with screw terminals for easy connection to any user device which operates from a contact closure. Four remote start inputs allow run initiation from the user's GC or HPLC system.

Each of the six channels of data can be randomly assigned to one of four time bases, which allows independent start and stop times for four separate instruments. Data can be acquired at rates up to 50Hz per channel for one or two channels, or 20Hz for all six channels. The Model 302 is for use with Windows computers that have USB 2.0 compliant ports (manufactured in 1998 or later).

  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
  • Packed with State-of-the-Art Features
  • Updates are FREE to download Online
  • Free Technical Support

PeakSimple software has been continuously developed, refined, and improved since 1988 by a dedicated team of working chromatographers. These chromatographers use the software on a daily basis, and strive to simplify and enhance every aspect of PeakSimple so our customers will benefit. New features are added to PeakSimple several times per year, and the later version is always FREE to download online, along with helpful tutorials. When you call Buck technical support (also FREE), a knowledgeable technician will answer your questions right away! No complicated phone menus, no waiting on hold!

PeakSimple FEATURES:

  • 3D chromatogram display
  • Built-in FTP Capability
  • Click & Drag Retention Windows
  • Baseline Subtraction
  • Chromatogram Overlay
  • DDE Links
  • Component Tables
  • Multi-level Calibrations
  • Data Merge across channels
  • Autosampler Queue
  • Batch Reprocessing
  • Built-in Data Validation
    ...and more!

Most PeakSimple functions are launched from the chromatogram window, and are so user friendly that most operators can produce results almost immediately. ToolTips makes learning your way around PeakSimple even easier. just hold your mouse cursor over any icon or checkbox to read the onscreen How-To instructions.

 Download the Buck Scientific Gas Chromatograph & Peaksimple Users Manual

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