Vacuum Pump Interface for external mount with pump

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  • Draw air samples through traps or load the loop of a gas sampling valve
  • Enables Data System Control of an external vacuum pump (included)
  • Extremely Reproducible Flow through traps

The Vacuum Pump Interface is a data system controlled mains power outlet (120 or 220 VAC) on the side of an 910 or 310 GC for an external vacuum pump. The PeakSimple data system can turn the power to this receptacle ON/OFF, thus controlling the vacuum pump.

Typically, the vacuum pump is used to draw gaseous samples through the traps for ambient air monitoring applications, or to load the loop of a gas sampling valve by pulling sample gas from a remote location. Because the vacuum pump can be turned ON for a precise length of time, the gas flow through the traps is very reproducible (approximately 100mL/minute).

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